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The Well-being

Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and
creates  wholeness   of   mind,  body  and spirit. It   relieves
muscular  tension  which enables more   blood and oxygen  
to be carried throughout the body. This is a traditional   
treatment for relieving stress and tension, and for the  
treatment of back   pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and
sports injuries including  muscle and   tendon strain.
Benefits of full body massage include:         
◦Alleviation      of  physical and emotional tension.
◦Release and relaxation of muscles and improved
◦Relief from general muscular aches and pains.
◦Muscula-skeletal realignment.
◦Improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic syst

History of Traditional massage Thai (Nuad Thai)

This therapeutic healing practice has existed in Thailand
for more a thousand years. The history of Thailand shoes
that the Thai people originated near the border of China.
They migrated southwards, finally settling in Southeast
Asia. Thailand has been influenced by many different
civilizations and cultures. China and India are the two
major countries from which many important valuable
cultural and religious practices come. Chinese concept of
traditional medicine (including acupuncture and
acupressure) and Taoist philosophy and practices both
influenced the practice of traditional Thai massage.

The vital force flows along channels or Sen

Traditional  Thai  Massage  is  based  on  the  concept  of  
vital  life  force  energy  that  flows  along  channels  in  the  
body  called  “Sen”  to  specific  energy  points.   Traditional  
Thai  Massage  focuses  on  the  major  channels.   Ten  of  
them  are very  important  in  Traditional  Thai  Massage.

Chiropractic  and  physiotherapy  practices are  similar to
Traditional Thai  Massage but  they  do not focus   on  the  
energy channels  and  points  in  the  body  but  are  based  
only  on  the  anatomical  structure.  Traditional  Thai  
Massage  is similar  to reflexology  and  the  concepts  of  
stretching. It enhances  the  knowledge  and  experience  
of  specialists  in  the use  of  therapeutic  massage  in  
treating  certain  diseases.  Usually  a  teacher  teaches  
therapeutic  massage  directly  to  a  student  and  it  takes  
a  long  time  to  learn  properly.

According  to  Thai  Massage  theory,  the  human  body
remains  healthy  when  it  maintains  its  balance  of  
energy  in relation  to  the  energy   of  the  universe.  Any  
imbalance  in  the  flow   will  result  in  sickness.   Working  
on  the   energy  points   can  relieve  blockages  and  is  in  
balance,  your  feeling  of  well  being  is  restored.   You  
feel  good,  energized, relaxed,  and  free  from  pain  and  

Traditional   Thai   Massage  can  be  applied  very  
shallowly  for  relaxation,  but  can  also  be  applied   very  
deeply  to  target  a  therapeutic  effect.   Because  it  can  
stimulate  the  flow  of  blood  and  lymph  (tissue  fluid),  
the  pressure  that  is  applied  to  the  energy  points  and  
channels   will   release  energy  blockages   and  
stagnation.   The  combination   of  pressing  and  
stretching    promotes  the  flow  of  energy,  helping   to  
maintain  health  and  preserve   youthfulness.  There  is  
freedom  from  stiffness,  loss  of  flexibility  and  chronic  
pain  and  the  energy   levels  are  balanced  which  enables  
the  person  to  release  emotion.

Muscles   provide  movement   of  the  skeleton  by  
contracting   and  relaxing.   Emotional  tension   can  
cause  a  muscle  to  become  tense,  contract  and  shorten  
causing  stiffness,  aches  and  pains.  Tension    also  
creates  an  imbalance  of  force  on  the  spine,  resulting  
in  back  pain, neck  pain,  and  headaches  which  speed  
the  aging  process.  Massage  and  stretching  in  
traditional   Thai  massage,  will  cause  the  nervous  
system  to  release   endorphins.  The  endorphins  can  
relieve  pain  and  produce  powerful  feelings  of  health  
and  well  being.

Ideally,  a  whole-body  massage  will  take  from  two  to  
three  hours  to  complete.  This  is  enough  time  to  work  
on  the  whole  body  and  still  maintain  concentration.  
This  does  not  mean  that  less  time  is  less  effective.  It  
is  better  to  spend  time  on  a   few  parts  of  the  body,  so  
they  can  be  treated  properly  instead  of  speeding  up  to  
try  to  do  the  whole  body.  A  good  practitioner  or  
masseur  selects  the  techniques  and  sequences  
according  to  the  needs  of  the  client.   There  are  no  
fixed  rules  of  thumb  in  Traditional  Thai  Massage;  this  
would  limit  the  structure  and  selection  of  techniques.  
Each  one  has  its  own  style  and  uses  different  
sequences  and  variations.

Father  of  Traditional  Thai  Medicine
Dr.  Jivaka   Kumara  Phaccha

Is  The  legendary  founder  of  Traditional  Thai  Massage.  
He  not  only  inspired  the  art  of  massage,  but  he  also  
contributed  the  “original  knowledge”  about  healing  
herbs  and  minerals.  Nowadays,  one  can  still  find  
Indian   Ayurvedic  medicine  in  Thailand  including  
herbal  treatment,  massage  and  steam  baths.  It  is  
believed  that  Dr.Jivaka  Kumara  Phaccha  was  a  doctor  
from  northern  India.  He  is  known  to  have  lived  at  the  
same  time  as  the  Buddha,  and  he  was  the  personal  
physician  to  King  Phimpisarn  over  2,500  years  ago.  
He  is  honored  as  the  “”  Before  starting  a  massage  the  
practioner  always  offers  a  prayer  to  honor  and  
remember  him.   

" Not only body but also mild will be relax
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